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Rochester, Kent

Mobile:  07544 866270

Offering in-person and online sessions to adults and young people aged 16+.

Missing Piece


Samantha Richardson

COUNSELLOR - Person Centred (Humanistic)


Anxiety, panic attacks or depression starting to take over you living your life?  Impulsive, disorganised, head scrambled and feeling overwhelmed with thoughts and trying to make sense of emotions due to ADHD or ASD?

Menopause or Peri-menopause starting to impact on your life and how you feel as a woman?

Struggling with an addiction or self-medicating? Drugs or alcohol once used socially now your 'go too' when stresses mounting up, to help relax or even to sleep?  Feeling judged and misunderstood as the habit is getting out of hand? 

Are cultural differences starting to impact on your relationship and cause misunderstandings? 


Whether recommended to have counselling or just personally deciding to look for support, often trying to figure out what you may need can feel like a minefield, maybe even creating some anxiety and uncertainty. 

The thought of talking to a stranger about our problems and feelings can often make us feel vulnerable and exposed.  However, have you considered .... talking to a counsellor who is neutral and independent of your situation may in fact make it easier to open up?  I am here to listen to YOU and not bring my own problems into the discussion, this in itself can be a new and powerful experience. 

So, what could you expect from counselling and how can 'just talking' help you personally? Why not scroll down and choose one of the three subject buttons below for more information.

Please feel free to use the 'CONTACT FORM' if you can't find the information you are looking for or to book a free introductory brief phone call, without obligation.

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I am keen to offer support to those not usually comfortable reaching out for counselling due to cultural upbringing or from a dual heritage. 

( BAME and diversity aware )

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